May 14, 2012

Bugging out for Karen Walker sunglasses

Doing some research online after the new arrival at Buzz Jeans of some Karen Walker eyewear, we stumbled across this adorable, if not "out there," 2012 campaign.

At first we thought the models in this shoot for the sunglasses collection of New York-based Karen Walker were styled to look like insects, but according to the campaign's name, "Little Aliens," they're extra-terrestrials.

Regardless, we can all agree that the latest shades from one of New York's best, and most diverse designers – Karen Walker does apparel, eyewear, and accessories – are outta' this world.

There's usually a bit of a vintage feel to Karen Walker's eyewear –be it a 70s vibe with oversized designs with angled corners, like the Number One and Anytime sunglasses, or a rounded 80s shape, as in the Super Duper Strength and Helter Skelter shades.

Texture, color and pattern are usually a major element in Karen Walker sunglasses as well. 

From the creamy, mother-of-pearl effect of the Vanilla-colored Number Ones, to the super bold take on a classic, with the "crazy tortoiseshell" finish, Karen Walkers are on another planet in terms of vintage-inspired cool.

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